The Art of Body & Soul

Balinese Relaxing Massage ( 60 Min )

Utilizing technique of an ancient culture centered on healing the body and the mind: such as; cross friction, long strokes, thumb and palm pressure. From throughout the ages the massage expertly enhances circulation and dissolves muscle tension. The wisdom of ancient tradition must be experienced to be believed.

Balinese Boreh ( 60 Min )

Using Indonesian traditional spice, to warm and soften the skin, accelerated blood circulation. Helping to get deep sleep, the entire process for spicy body wrap is an excellent way to relieve daily stress and to help the body fell new and improved, help to detoxify and eliminate impurities from body.
Starts with a warm body compress continues by wrapping the body with Balinese Boreh, face and head massage during body wrap, cucumber conditioner will be applied on the body after to cool the skin, followed by a shower and ends with body lotion to smooth the skin.

Glow Glance ( 90 Min )

A full body ritual that visibly enhances the skin texture and minimizes hydration. Soothing, nourishing and calming.
Start with your choice of one hour body massage. Then continue with instant glow facial, leaving the complexion refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow.

Ultimate Delight ( 150 Min )

Specially crafted ritual to show the fabulous you on your important day: honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or just a special date or night of dancing; or just to spoil yourself.
Begin with the Foot Ritual to cleanse your feet. Next soften your skin with Sandalwood Lulur body exfoliation. Then immerse yourself in the colorful, festive flower bath ritual together while enjoying a refreshing drink. The Balinese Relaxing Massage brings wisdom of the ages to heal and rejuvenate the body and soul. After these hours of sensory delights them allow us to bless your skin with instant glow facial to leave the complexion refreshed.

Natural Facial ( 60 Min )

With the passing of days, the bumps and curves in your face will tend to become deeper and your facial contours more noticeably marked. Although wrinkles and the loss of firmness are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. A fresh ingredient from the garden with no harmful additives helps to delay or prevent these most visible sign of aging.

Traditional Facial ( 60 Min )

The skin recovers all its beauty with this intense moisturizing and regenerating treatment. The product designed for all skin types by Biokos, containing bio-seaweed extract, the wrinkles and fine lines soften. The complexion is radiant and facial features become fuller.

Sandalwood Lulur ( 60 Min )

This exfoliation and body cleansing ritual have been used in royal palaces of Central Java since the 17th century. A fragrant treatment made from a blend of sandalwood powder, white turmeric powder and rice grind. It is renowned to soften skin, remove dead skin cells, provide nutrients to maintain moisture, suppleness and elasticity to the skin, especially good for reducing stretch marks and popular for brides to be.
Starts with a body compress continue exfoliation using Sandalwood Lulur, youghurt will be applied on the body after to moisturize the skin, followed by a shower and ends with body lotion to smooth the skin.

Balinese Coffee Scrub ( 60 Min )

This is unforgettable beauty experience, made from finely ground Bali coffee, this richly aromatic scrub will smooth your skin and elevate your mood. A natural carrot conditioner is applied to moisturize the skin. Refreshing and stimulating, this body scrub aims to rejuvenate the skin and arouse the sense.
Starts with a body compress continued exfoliation using coffee scrub, carrot conditioner will be applied on the body after to moisturize the skin, followed by a shower and ends with the body lotion to smooth the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage ( 60 Min )

A modern adaption of an ancient eastern healing technique, acupressure is powerful and deep treatment that unblocks muscles and meridians, works to “break up” the tension, or “knots” in muscles, providing greater freedom of movement. The muscle tissue is stretched and separated, providing for better circulation of the blood. This technique can also help to relieve pain associate with muscle spasms, whiplash, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis and muscle strain associated with injury

Foot Reflexology ( 60 Min )

Reflexology focuses on reflex maps of points and areas of the body in the feet, using unique micro movement technique such as thumb or finger to create a response throughout the body. Stimulating the reflex points creates flowing energy, heals your inner organs and digestive system, and rebalances your body and your world.

Tension Relief ( 30 Min )

Melt the tension in the neck, back and shoulders. Quick but effective in traditional Balinese style. Keep your spirit bright.

Swift d-stress ( 30 Min )

Deriving from traditional Balinese massage technique to renew, strengthen and heal the body and mind. The massage focus areas are the neck, shoulder, head and face to relieve tension, improve circulation and create a feeling of well-being.

Cherry Feet Massage ( 30 Min )

Foot Massage is a special massage that works on the foot using thumb and finger slide. As your feet are massaged, this restorative treatment will reduce foot pain and increase circulation. After taking this massage, it will carry you through your day feeling light as a feather.

Nail Care ( 60 Min )

Groom your fingernails and toenails with our exclusive manicure and pedicure for the ultimate in nail service and relaxation. Enjoy a soothing massage for arms and legs using our aromatherapy oils. Followed by nail polish art application. Achieve beautiful hands and feet with healthy nails.